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What financing options are available?

Financing is a great way to get you what you want and quickly. We are partners with Synchrony and we can help you through the process when you are checking out. Giant also offers financing on their site with Affirm.

Do you do custom builds?

YES! Custom builds might be our favorite. You get to create the bike of your dreams. We have frames hanging in the shop and we will walk you through the process so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

I am competing in Ironman, what are you able to offer me when I travel to the area?

Service, service, service! Whether you’re shipping your bike here and it needs assembly (as well as shipping it back) or you need a tune up before the big event, we can help.

We also get asked about tri bike rentals. While we don’t have tri bikes in the shop, we do have road bikes available to rent. We do recommend booking asap since rentals go quickly when there is an event being held in Southern Utah. Give us a call if you have any questions at all!

Are shops still having a hard time getting bikes in stock?

Yes and no. It fluctuates with each brand we carry. We have a constant flow of bikes coming in but sometimes the high demand bikes are harder to get or we get sent fewer. Trust us, we know it can be frustrating when you can’t get what you want. We stay in constant communication with our reps to make sure we are getting everything we can.

If there is something specific you are looking for we take your information and give you a call as soon we find out when it will make its way to us.

Can I trade in my old bike for a new one?

Of course! You have a couple options when going this route. We will inspect your trade in bike and get the value from Bicycle Blue Book which will go towards any new bike purchase. Learn more about our Trade in Program.