Update on Rapid Cycling at Dino Crossing

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Update on Rapid Cycling at Dino Crossing

Dear Rapid Cycling Community,


As always, I want to start with a big thank you for being here. 


Five years ago, Rapid Cycling expanded and opened a second location on Mall Drive. We had the opportunity to work with new customers and we have loved being a part of the community. At the end of April, Rapid Cycling at Dino Crossing will be closing doors and we will shift all business to our Bluff Street location.


It is no secret Covid has been difficult for just about everyone. Last spring we were thrilled to help so many people get on bicycles to enjoy time outside during quarantine. It is also no secret if you walk into most bike shops across the country right now, inventory is low. Demand was so great across the industry that now supply is a problem. Sadly, the shortage will continue for some time. 


Rapid Cycling is no different. It is now time to renew the lease for the Dino Crossing location, and we still can't get the product we need to support two bicycles shops the way we set out to do. We have decided to concentrate our efforts in our store on Bluff Street.


So there you have it. Beginning on April 5, we will not accept any new work orders at Rapid Cycling at Dino Crossing. We will be open from 1pm until 7pm, Monday through Saturday until near the end of April. We will have clearance items for sale, stay tuned on social media for specific specials in April.


Rapid Cycling on Bluff Street is alive and well and will continue to be the backbone of our company.


If you have questions, please ask! [email protected] is a great place to send those questions. 


Thank you from all of us at Rapid Cycling.