Actually, I can.

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Actually, I can.

This is a blogpost from 2017. We are not currently looking for Liv Ambassadors, but we have decided to keep this post current on the website because it represents so well WHY we love Liv as a brand.


The Giant/Liv/Momentum 2017 catalog made its way to Rapid Cycling this week. 


It is all good stuff, there is no doubt about it. It is full of bikes and gear that we are excited to see on the streets/trails/dirt of Southern Utah. But today is about Liv. When you flip to the Liv section of the catalog, it is hard to contain that excitement.


"We are simply women who love to cycle. Because we know that riding takes us beyond our perceived limits and enables us to discover the possibilities within ourselves. We are LIV." It is easy to get behind a company so passionate about empowering women.


Yes, I am a woman writing this. I am a woman who sometimes doesn't feel confident on her bike. Who feels like I am not fast/good/whatever enough to call myself a cyclist. But I can tell you this, I watch the opening video on the Liv website here and I think "Actually, I Can." And that's exactly what Liv wants me to think.


We are currently on the hunt for a Liv Ambassador for 2017. If you are a woman in Southern Utah who loves to ride her bike and wants to get more women on bikes, you need to look at this amazing program. 


First of all, download and read through the program guide here. As a Liv Ambassador in Southern Utah, you will hold clinics throughout the year, educating and getting women excited about cycling. Liv will make it possible for you to get on a new bike at an extremely discounted price, plus Liv apparel for you to wear and Liv giveaways. 


If you are interested and want to apply for the Liv Ambassador position, please email us and we'll walk you through the application process. Or better yet, come visit us at Rapid Cycling and take a Liv bike for a test ride. Try on a pair of Liv gloves. Look through the catalog and get excited about 2017. Once you understand and feel the Liv difference, there is no going back.